Norton Glass

Lorraine Keeler is a designer who creates handcrafted pieces in glass. The range of items she creates is extensive and includes individual pieces of glass jewellery, glass bowls, glass pictures and glass panels for walls, doors and windows.

Lorraine has been developing her craft and skills over the past fifteen years having been inspired by the way that glass can be worked on its own and with other materials to create things of beauty.

The process involves heating layers of glass to a very high temperature in a kiln so that the layers are fused together. In a further process the glass can be heated again to take the shape of a mould, called slumping.

Bespoke Glass Art

Using the wonderful range of colours available in art and dichroic glass, with the addition of metals and powders, and the techniques of fusing and slumping, make every piece unique.

Visits to Lorraine’s Studio are by appointment only by calling 01243 605285 or 07837251177

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